Mercy Health Corporation Accountable Care Organization (ACO)

Mercy Health Corporation is participating in the Medicare Shared Savings Program as an Accountable Care Organization (ACO). As an ACO, Mercy will continue to provide you with a continuum of seamless, high quality health care services.

Mercy’s participation in the ACO program does not change anything about your Medicare benefits and it does not limit the doctors you can choose to see. Every benefit you currently have under traditional Medicare remains the same.

Your primary care physician and specialists will continue to work together to develop a treatment plan specific to your health care needs. By working closely to coordinate the care you receive, the physicians who care for you can more effectively keep you well and improve your overall health and quality of life.

This is just one more way we are working to raise the bar to provide you with high quality health care services, with all our heart and with all our mind.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact your physician, 1-800 MEDICARE or us at (888) 39-MERCY.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for People with Medicare:

For general questions or additional information about Accountable Care Organizations, please visit or
Call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) 24 hours a day/7 days a week.
TTY users should call 1-877-486-2048.

Public Reporting

ACO Name and Location:

Mercy Health Corporation ACO
PO BOX 5003
1000 Mineral Point Avenue
Janesville, WI 53547

ACO Primary Contact:

Ruth Yarbrough

Organizational Information:

  • ACO participants:
    • Mercy Health System Corporation
    • Mercy Harvard Hospital, Inc.
    • Mercy Assisted Care, Inc.
    • Rockford Memorial Hospital
    • Rockford Health Physicians
  • ACO participants in joint ventures between ACO professionals and hospitals:
    • No participants are involved in a joint venture between ACO professionals and hospitals.
  • ACO governing body:
    • Rowland J. McClellan, Voting Member and Chair, Mercy Health System Corporation
    • Javon R. Bea – Voting Member, President and CEO, Mercy Health System Corporation; Director, Mercy Assisted Care, Inc.
    • Thomas R. Pool – Voting Member and Secretary, Mercy Health System Corporation
    • Thomas D. Budd – Voting Member and Secretary/Treasurer, Rockford Health Physicians
    • Mark L. Goelzer, MD, Voting Member and Director, Mercy Health System Corporation
    • Paul A. Green – Voting Member and Director, Rockford Memorial Hospital
    • Wesley M. Jost, Voting Member and Director, Mercy Harvard Hospital, Inc.
    • Katherine A. Schack, Voting Member and Director, Mercy Harvard Hospital, Inc.
    • Dave L. Syverson – Voting Member and Director, Mercy Health System Corporation
  • ACO Advisory Committee:
    • Katherine A. Schack, Chair; Voting Member and Director, Mercy Health Corporation
    • Richard Adcock, Medicare Beneficiary
    • Nedra Hanson, Medicare Beneficiary
    • Peg Vechinsky, Medicare Beneficiary
    • Donna Ingram, Medicare Beneficiary
  • Key ACO clinical and administrative leadership:
    • ACO Executive: Javon R. Bea, President and CEO
    • Medical Director: Dr. Mark Goelzer, M.D.
    • Compliance Official: John Cook, CFO
  • Associated committees and committee leadership:
    • Quality Council: Mark Goelzer, MD, Chair
    • Compliance Committee: John Cook, CFO, Chair
    • ACO Advisory Committee: Katherine A. Schack, Chair
  • Types of ACO participants, or combinations of participants, that formed the ACO:
    • Hospital employing ACO professionals
    • Critical Access Hospital (CAH) billing under Method II

Shared Savings and Losses:

Amount of Shared Savings/Losses

  • Agreement period beginning 2014, Performance Year 2014: $0

  • Agreement period beginning 2014, Performance Year 2015: $0

Shared losses are designated with a minus sign (-) in front of the dollar amount and red font.

How Shared Savings Are Distributed

Agreement period beginning 2014, Performance Years 2014, 2015

  • Proportion invested in infrastructure: 50%
  • Proportion invested in redesigned care processes/resources: 25%
  • Proportion of distribution to ACO participants: 25%

Payment Rule Waivers

No, our ACO does not utilize the SNF 3-Day Rule Waiver.

Quality Performance Results

  • See 2012-2014 Quality Performance Results Table here.
  • See 2015 Quality Performance Results Table here.